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Benefits of VR & AR for Real Estate

In the wake of a huge year for Virtual Reality, many industries are still getting to grips with how they can use VR. Some businesses lend themselves particularly well to Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies. Real Estate and Architecture are among them

AR / VR for Real Estate

Cheaper cost to Market

Virtual Reality allows developers to replace costly show homes, scale models, and printed collateral – all of which need to be redesigned and remade when concepts change. Whether you’re waiting to break ground or reaching outside your traditional market to sell the last of your inventory, VR is an effective and efficient way to connect to fresh prospects.


Our Services

VR is more than just a walk through. Interactivity includes changes to walls, flooring, fabrics, counters, and even furniture models and layout. Give your prospects the rewarding hands-on experience of making a home their own.

180 / 360 Panoramic

For Product / Showroom Demo

360 Interactive

Interactive Walkthroughs

3D Interactive

Recommended for pre-selling

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Virtual Tour Packages

Best for Product / Showroom Demo

PHP 5,000 60,000 per/month

  • 1 Property Tour Only
  • 360 photoshoot (within metro manila)
  • Minimum of 1 year Subscription
  • Integration to website
  • Cloud Hosting Fees ( PHP 5,000/year)

Exclusive Property Pre-Selling Packages

3D Visualization & Interactive

PHP 10,000 100,000 per/month

  • 1 Property Tour Only
  • Website Design
  • 3D Visualization
  • Minimum of 1 year
  • Integration to website:
  • Cloud Hosting Fees ( PHP 5,000/year)

SHDA Exclusive Augmented Reality Packages

Mobile App AR

PHP 20,000 240,000 per/month

  • Creation of 3D Scale Models
  • Creation of 360 Models
  • Branded Mobile Application
  • Minimum of 1 year

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